Make Authentic Images…


As creatives you are bombarded with images from various outlets daily. Oftentimes those images can influence your creative process and your decision making. Those same decisions have a way of affecting the quality of the images you take or make (there is a difference).

At The Resolve Workshop you’ll receive tools to make images that are impactful, ones that resonate with your viewer. Are you able to produce a beautiful portrait and make images filled with authentic moments your clients will think about 25 years from now? Will the image mean much to you? Will it make you feel anything? Is it timeless?

You’ll be trained to find the story that’s unfolding and document it in a way that’s authentic and free from outside influence. You’ll be taught how to not only find the light but how to create your own light that tells the story. You will be pushed past your comfort zone. The work you’ll produce will not be easy. If you find the assignment too easy we assure you, you’re doing it wrong. It’s meant to challenge you unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

You will walk away with a new appreciation for true storytelling and making beautiful portraits. You will start seeing images differently. You will become more critical of the images you make. You will be a different artist than when you first arrived at The Resolve Workshop.

As the creator of The Resolve Workshop my desire is to have this platform to be a place for photographers to thrive and grow past their wildest imagination. Our clients deserve images that will stand the test of time. I am grateful for the coaches that have taken the first step in accepting the invitation the photography community.